• Alumni Advisory Board is Forming


    The Theta Alpha Chapter of Sigma Nu Fraternity is looking for support from area alumni to assist them in their efforts to create an Alumni Advisory Board. The Theta Alpha Chapter has several key alumni leaders in place who will continue to be a valuable resource for the chapter, but each has expressed a need for additional alumni support.


    The Fraternity hopes that a group of 7-10 alumni will step into various roles in a newly created Alumni Advisory Board. Splitting the duties among several individuals will lessen the time commitment for each alumnus as well as increase the overall support available to the undergraduate members of the chapter.


    Review the Board duties and responsibilities on the Sigma Nu Headquarters website.


    Each member of the board will work individually with one chapter officer to support his efforts, and act as a mentor to him. As a board, the members work with the collegiate officers to establish goals, monitor progress, and give support to the chapter as it grows and develops. Advisory boards should meet at least quarterly to discuss what is happening with the chapter and what specific focus or direction the board needs to provide. Individually, each board member needs to maintain contact with the officer whom they mentor, and assist him as needed. Contact may be as often as weekly meetings, or as limited as periodic emails or phone calls.

    The board will work closely with the collegiate chapter to identify the necessary goals for success and assist the members in meeting those goals. Ensuring that the collegiate officer knows and understands his role within the chapter is crucial to his development as an officer and his ability to effectively serve the chapter. Assisting the collegian to develop beyond his role as a chapter leader and helping him prepare for experiences after graduation are also important aspects of being an advisor. This is a great way to stay connected to USF and to the Fraternity. We all have something to give others and this provides a meaningful opportunity to help develop ethical leaders in Sigma Nu.


    Contact Travis Loxton at (813) 767-8569 or if you are interested in this opportunity.


    House Corporation Board


    Jim Crotty



    Steve Mangione


    Russ Maynard


    Mike Castellari


    Jim Harvey


    Scott Kalman


    Frank Hult



    Brett Farrar




    Get the forms here.