About Us

  • The Tampa Bay Sigma Nu Alumni Club was setup to offer Sigma Nu Alumni brothers in the Tampa Bay area to participate in the social events throughout the year. These events include Family Beach weekend, Sigma Nu Night with the Bulls Basketball Event, USF Homecoming, Luncheons and Happy Hours.  Being a member in the club has numerous advantages including being a part of a large Sigma Nu brother network, access to monthly e-newsletters, semi-annual newsletter mailings, email distribution notifications.  We are always looking for new ideas and suggestions on how we can improve our club and Housing Corporation. Are you interested in becoming an officer of the club or Housing Corporation? Please contact Travis Loxton at tloxton@hotmail.com or 813-767-8569 for the alumni club or Jim Crotty at jcrotty2@tampabay.rr.com or 813-653-0031.



    Travis Loxton - President

    Jeff Kirk - Social

    Brett Farrar - Chapter Advisor

    Mickey Jaap - Treasurer

    Steve Mangione- Housing


    Housing Corporation

    Jim Crotty- Co-Chairman

    Steve Mangione - Co-Chairman

    Frank Hult - Treasurer

    Russ Maynard - Past Treasurer

    Mike Castellari - Fundraising

    Jim Farr - Member Emeritus

    John Greer - Member Emeritus

    Jim Harvey - Member Emeritus

    Les Muma - Member Emeritus

    Jack Parrino - Member Emeritus

    Charlie Santana - Member Emeritus