Advisory Board

  • Purpose


    • Work to advise, guide and mentor collegiate members.
    • Assist the Chapter in communicating with other alumni.
    • Organize financial assistance for the Chapter.
    • To provide ongoing support and assistance to the Chapter at the local level.
    • Provide a method for long-term continuity among the Chapter and the alumni.


    Makeup & Overview


    • Advisory Boards can be made of Alumni, parents, faculty, community leaders, etc.
    • The board should be at least 7 members strong or one board member for each Chapter officer.
    • One board member will serve as Chairman of the Board to coordinate all communication and future meetings among the Board.
    • Board member time periods should be determined.


    Positions & Responsibilities:


    The members of the Alumni Advisory Board (AAB) will attend weekly chapter meetings in rotation, ensuring there is at least one alumnus at every meeting without overburdening any individual's schedule. Attendance at other fraternity functions will work in similar fashion. The members of the AAB will also take on various mentorship roles with officers.



    Meetings and Time Commitments


    • Quarterly AAB meetings.
    • Business meetings with the Chapter Executive Board once per academic semester.
    • Individual Board Members to attend chapter meetings once every six-eight weeks.
    • Weekly/biweekly meetings or phone calls with their designated Chapter officer.
    • Attendance at other Chapter functions when available.
    • Facilitation of educational and leadership programming when available.