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    USF: UNSTOPPABLE Campaign - Sigma Nu Takes Leadership Role


    In October 2009, the University of South Florida launched the public phase of the most ambitious, comprehensive campaign in the university’s 53-year history. 


    Called USF: Unstoppable, Campaign Chairman Les Muma (KΡATΟΣ/ΘΑ 687) announced at the kick-off event that the USF Foundation’s goal is to raise $600 million (


    To date, a total of $383,250,935 has been raised in donor gifts and pledges.


    In July 2010, the Division of Student Affairs formed an Advisory Board with the goal to raise $4.1 million toward the campaign’s overall $600 million goal.  Brothers Tom Gates (ΘΑ 077) and Jim Crotty (ΘΑ 116) serve on the USF Foundation Student Affairs Advisory Board and work with USF leadership and other community volunteers to help inspire others to support USF.  Their membership on the Advisory Board provides Sigma Nu with a unique opportunity to influence the plans, priorities and strategies for projects that directly affect the future of the Greek system at USF and specifically, Sigma Nu.


    How You Can Help

    Your donor gifts and pledges to the USF: UNSTOPPABLE campaign can be leveraged to support Brother Mike Castellari’s House Corporation 2011 Fundraising Campaign.  Through the USF Foundation, you can specify that your gift go to either the Sigma Nu Special Purpose Housing Fund #59039 or the Sigma Nu Scholarship Fund #650001 (or both!).  Not only will your gifts go directly to support Sigma Nu’s $50,000 goal, they will also count toward the Student Affair’s $4.1 million goal and the USF: UNSTOPPABLE Campaign’s $600 million goal.  It’s a win-win-win for Sigma Nu, Student Affairs and the USF: UNSTOPPABLE campaign!


    Click to donate or pledge online now.


    If you would like to learn more about how you can get involved or how you can leverage your gifts, please contact Tom, (813-928-3813), Jim (813-653-0031) or Mike (813-918-4775).





    Sigma Nu Marks USF Athletics History


    • Brother Bill Keegan, ΘΑ 014, the first recipient of a varsity letter in USF athletics history, helped lead our Bulls onto the field before the September 25th, 2010 football game vs. Western Kentucky.
    • The honor marked the 45th anniversary of USF’s first athletic event, a cross country race in which Keenan competed. Brother Keegan, 63, celebrated the anniversary of that event with a ceremonial lap around USF’s track Saturday morning.  He was also honored at halftime of the game that night.




    Housing Corporation - 2011 Fundraising Campaign


    As has been pointed out by Jim a couple of times in this newsletter update, we have not had a major fundraising effort for the past two years for a couple of reasons:

    1. The significant economic downturn has caused most all of us to readjust our priorities & spending habits, so the Housing Corporation felt it prudent to forego any fundraising efforts, in order to allow our alumni to focus on their economic priorities before reaching back out for support.
    2. In previous years, the actives have struggled to maintain a full house, which resulted in debt to USF that the Alumni generously settled.  We are extremely excited to report that we have a very engaged & responsible group of young men in the Active Chapter who have completely filled the House!


    In addition, the Housing Corporation has developed a new plan which we feel confident will ensure that it stays at full capacity for the foreseeable future.  This will allow us to shift our focus towards using the money that we raise for making the necessary improvements to the House to not only maintain it at the high quality standards we all expect, but to also make it a place that both the Actives and Alumni can be very proud of and want to come to visit and share brotherhood.  Once we return the House to this level, we plan on hosting a large Sigma Nu Reunion like the one we launched at its original opening!  More to come on that…


    Our fundraising goal for 2011 is $50,000.  This is a lofty goal, but I’m absolutely confident that we can reach it!  In order to accomplish this goal, we’re putting together a much more formalized and thoughtful fundraising program consistent with those at other major universities with large groups of alumni.  We intend to spend the money raised based on priority in the following areas:


    • Improvements to the House to maintain it at the level we all expect
    • Scholarships
    • Alumni fundraising events (i.e; reunions, golf tournaments, socials, etc.)
    • Philanthropy


    I want to personally thank you once again for all of your support in helping to raise the funds necessary to sustain the beauty of our House and continue to make Sigma Nu the most outstanding fraternity on the USF campus.


    Love & Respect,

    Mike Castellari (ΘΑ 462)