2011 Annual HC Report

  • 2011 House Corporation Annual Report


    2011 has to be the best year in the history of the House Corporation (HC) since 1991 when we made the initial $20,000 down payment toward our campus house. In partnership with the Active Chapter, we made significant accomplishments in funding, house improvements, membership, scholarship, policy, and alumni connection.

    Working together, we:

    • Launched the 50-50-50 Fundraising Campaign and raised more than $30,000 towards our $50,000 goal.
    • Sponsored the Homecoming Alumni Reunion with more than 120 brothers and spouses attending.
    • Completed Phase I of the KPATOΣ Hall Chapter Room remodel with both KPATOΣ and Sigma Nu memorabilia and composites from 1985-2010.
    • Totally remodeled the kitchen and living room as an “all brother” project with the generous contributions of time, talent and treasure from Chris Beckwith (ΘΑ 459), Nelson Cusmano (ΘΑ 94), Andy De La Parte (ΘΑ 216), Jim Harvey (ΘΑ 313) and Ernie MacFerran (KPATOΣ/ΘΑ 435).
    • Awarded three full $1,200 scholarships to AJ Williams, Will Warmke and Brent Davenport from the Alumni Scholarship Fund.
    • Rewrote and passed new Chapter Bylaws to better define policies and procedures for house leases, parlor fees, priority for living in the house and HC obligations.
    • Entered 2012 with more than $15,000 in the Special Housing Fund and more than $8,000 in the Scholarship Fund. The majority of these funds are budgeted toward completing Phase II of KPATOΣ Hall remodel with built-in trophy cases and wainscoting of the entire chapter room.
    • In partnership with the Greek Housing Association (GHA), Sigma Nu took the lead to influence USF to hold the Greek Housing Lease at its current rate with no increase proposed for 2012-13.
    • Represented the GHA at the USF Student Affairs Fraternity & Sorority strategic planning meeting.
    • Expanded the HC Board to eight members, adding Scott Kalman (ΘΑ 386) and Brett Farrar (ΘΑ 741).

    As we begin our plans for 2012, the HC has set the following goals:

    • Continue the 50-50-50 Fundraising Campaign to raise $50,000 to support ongoing maintenance, upgrades and improvements to the house, chapter room and furnishings.
    • Double the scholarship fund endowment.
    • Complete Phase II of the KPATOΣ Hall remodel and begin Phase III, budget permitting.
    • Update our five-year strategic plan to guide the long-term future of the HC.

    Special thanks to the work and dedication of my fellow HC Board members, Mike Castellari (ΘΑ 462), Brett Farrar (ΘΑ 741), Jim Harvey (ΘΑ 313), Frank Hult (ΘΑ 139), Scott Kalman (ΘΑ 386), Steve Mangione (ΘΑ 429), and Russ Maynard (ΘΑ 369).

    Respectfully submitted,

    Jim Crotty (ΘΑ 116)