2010 Annual HC Report

  • 2010 House Corporation Annual Report     


    I’m pleased to report that 2010 will mark another positive year for the House Corporation & the status of your house and chapter room.  This year can be best characterized as one of teamwork and collaboration between the actives, USF, & the House Corporation board.


    Working together, we:

    • Filled the house and now maintain a waiting list of members anxious to move in
    • Repainted the interior and replaced the carpeting of KPATOΣ Hall Chapter Room
    • Replaced the 7-year old, worn out washer and dryer
    • Purchased a new HDTV and sound system through the fundraising efforts among the actives and pledges
    • Awarded a $1,200 scholarship to brother Matt Dolson from the Alumni Scholarship Fund
    • Are rewriting the Chapter By-laws to better define policies and procedures for house leases, parlor fees, priority for living in the house and House Corporation obligations
    • Will complete another year with no lingering debt to USF.  This was accomplished largely through the leadership and commitment of the active chapter’s executive board to hold the chapter accountable for filling the house, closely managing their finances and parlor fees, and communicating early and often with the House Corporation
    • Recognized the challenging economic realities and managed our financial commitments to USF without a formal alumni fundraising campaign.  The generous support of our alumni has always been the key to the success of the House Corporation, & will always be needed to ensure the Sigma Nu House and Chapter Room is the preferred place on campus for alumni, actives, pledges and prospects to live, meet, socialize and recruit.  However, two consecutive years without a major fundraising campaign has limited our ability to complete some long overdue maintenance and upgrades

    As we begin our plans for 2011, the House Corporation has set the following goals:

    • Conduct our first major fundraising campaign in over two years to raise $50,000 to support long overdue maintenance, upgrades and improvements to the house, chapter room and furnishings
    • To double the scholarship fund endowment
    • Work with the USF Greek Housing Association (GHA) and the Office of Fraternities and Sororities to enhance the overall Greek Village and help grow the Greek system to 10% of the total student population from its current 3%
    • Maintain a full house throughout the entire 12-month lease period
    • Develop a 5-year strategic plan to guide the long-term future of the House Corporation

    Special thanks to the work and dedication my fellow House Corporation board members, Russ Maynard, ΘΑ 369Steve Mangione, ΘΑ 429, and Mike Castellari, ΘΑ 462 and welcome to our newest advisory board member, Frank Hult, ΘΑ 139.


    Respectfully submitted,

    Jim Crotty, ΘΑ 116